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About Me

If you dream about serving and adoring your Lady, you want to get into amazing world of Femdom and you think that physical pain and total mental control by serving to a person you trust absolutely makes you free, you are in the right place! I am Lady Perse, I've been dominating people for quite few years. I have always felt irresistible urge to own, I love to show and introduce new people into an incredible world of bdsm, spectrum of my practices is far and wide starting with bondage, and mental domination, up to medical. In Femdom I love the fact that I am your Goddess. The Queen who can decide what and when you can do. I love when people are giving their lives up to Me absolutely and trust Me. Trust is My biggest fetish. I live in Warsaw, where My fully equipped studio is, and where I run My sessions.

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Who am I? I am a Polish Dominatrix, I speak fluent English, I study art, it is My second greatest passion, right after tormenting innocent souls, just like yours. Although I love to combine the two of these.

I am exceptionally tall - 180 cm, I am even taller in My Pleaser heels that I love to wear. Before I started My studies I worked as a model, that is why I have lots of self-confidence. Not only am I interested in pain itself but how it affects slave's emotions. I love to observe human's behaviour, I love to watch submissives crying or begging miserably for mercy. I think that you can learn the most about Me and My preferences from My clips.


Produced by: @mowmimejker, Models: @ostathre @lady.perse

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When I am organizing sessions, I take care of every detail that is why the atmosphere and the course of the session are impeccable, which is why I require compliance with certain rules when you want to arrange session with Me, first of all contact Me by the e-mail address provided below, asking for a chance and considering your application for session, remember to use the correct forms of "Lady, Mistress" and that your message is not chaotic, introduce yourself in the first sentence, then write what session you would like try, describe all the practices you like, then write what you'd prefer to avoid during the session and what is absolutely excluded (traces, blood, calling names etc.) then write what your previous experience was.

At the end, specify the date and length of a session you are interested in. If you follow all these rules when writing your message, you will significantly increase your chances of a positive consideration of your application.

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what are the rules?

The Session

What does 

Find Me

Here you can find all My social media profiles, clipstores and Fans page. Follow Me there and keep being updated with daily content, travel updates and collaborations! If you think you might be useful for Me, want to arrange a session or have a question - fill the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you are a Dominatrix and you are interested in collaborating with Me in fields of running sessions or recording clips together - feel free to contact Me! 


Contact Form

Thank you!

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I approach each session individually, but the rules for all are the same. If your application for service has been approved and you have paid a deposit, you must confirm your arrival on the day of the session at least 3 hours before the session starts. The most important thing is punctuality, you must be on time. If you are late more than 30 minutes, the session is forfeited. Gifts, are not mandatory, but appreciated (important! if you plan to bring Me flowers, check first if they are not toxic to animals. Definitely I prefer chocolate, books or jewelry)


When you are in the apartment where I run the session, first you must take a shower. Clean towels and all necessary equipment will be waiting for you by the bathtub. After shower, bring Me the rest of the tribute, and then the magic will happen. During the session:

  • For your comfort, we can use safewords (red and yellow).

  • It is strictly forbidden to touch Me without My consent.

  • You must address Me with the etiquette (Lady or Mistress).

  • If you feel bad or you need a break, you must inform me about it.

  • I require absolute trust. I am a professional Dominatrix so you do not have to worry about your health and safety. The entire equipment is precisely disinfected before and after each use. I also have essential knowledge in the field of medical assistance. After the session, you can tell Me about your feelings and ask a few questions. You will dream about another meeting and remember wonderful moments with your Lady.

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